18x24 Print | MORE - Jeff Holmberg - 2015   Available for purchase at etsy.com/shop/HolmbergDesignCo.

These were printed on French Poptone Whip Cream 100# using Black, and 3 overlapping plates of yellow, Pantone 127.  Each poster is sequentially numbered.  The poster explores presence, balance and the value of shared spaces.

In cooking; brewing beer, education, family, work, and in self discovery, we find a process of holding difference together and sitting with it over time. In this shared space, one part activates something in the other, beginning a change which it could not accomplish on its own.  The difference is included and explored, which brings a new sense of balance, presence, and flavor.

There are hundreds of centerpieces we find ourselves gathering around which create a shared space for dialog, overlapping perception, and introducing unfamiliar with familiar. Sitting with another’s unique perspective and personality, activates something in us that we can’t see in us. In conversation with others, we hold our commonality and difference together which begins an inner reordering.

Similar patterns are found in conversation with our self. In contemplation we create a quiet space to sit with and hold together the vast range of difference we find in our experience.  Every day we face a mix of expectations met and missed; optimism and fear, of things going well and of things not happening the way we think they should.  If we practice accepting this reality of difference, including it rather than fearing or fighting it, then something new happens in us, as one part informs another.  In holding these tensions together, a change begins below the surface, as we gain a new sense of contentment, balance, presence and flavor for the present moment and all that is ahead.

There is more of us ahead of us.  Something new is emerging.