18x24 & 11x17 Print | RHYTHM - Jeff Holmberg - 2014   Available for purchase at The Golden Rule, Excelsior, MN &  etsy.com/shop/HolmbergDesignCo.

This print explores rhythm; showing tree branch structure in a portrait frame and ocean waves in a landscape frame.

There are patterns all around us of energy emerging and recessing.  Across a tree branch, extensions reach then don't reach.  In the vacancies, this stillness is active, necessary and connected to new things emerging, new extensions coming down the line. Ocean waves swell, crash, then quietly retreat, unseen, rebuilding just under the surface for the next crash. This pattern in waves soothes us and orders us.  There is expression then rest from expression; and they seem to be in relationship.

We work and move, then lay down flat for the night as our body repairs. We rest in a dark stillness, then rise with new energy with this light which keeps coming back, pushing into the day. Things emerge in summer and recess in winter. When plant growth falls apart, decomposing into the soil, this death provides fertilization for a new season of growth. Our heartbeat is made up of muscle flexing then resting. Not flexing capable strength makes up half of that pattern. We see these patterns in music, made up of full sounds and empty rests. The quiet, off positions engaged by the instruments are the difference between chaos and music. Stillness is active. 

Tree branches, ocean waves, sunrise, seasons, heartbeat, music.... all around us are patterns of movement and stillness, emerging and recessing, full and empty, on and off,  ... a pulse. This season is in relationship with another.